Riccar R20 Vibrance HEPA Media Bags (Plastic collar, 6 Pack) - RMH-6


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Genuine HEPA media bags for classic body Vibrance Models plus R Series, 4000 and 2000 series.

6-Pack of Genuine HEPA media bags fit most Vibrance, R Series, 4000 Series and 2000 Series upright models. 6 bags per pack.

  • Vibrance Premium with Belt Protection (VIBPBP)
  • Vibrance Commercial with Belt Protection (VIBCBP)
  • Vibrance Commercial (VIBC and VIBCNT)
  • Vibrance Premium (VIBP)
  • Vibrance Deluxe (VIBD and VIBDL)
  • Vibrance Standard (VIBS and VIBST)
  • Vibrance Classic (VIBCL and R20SC)
  • Vibrance Entry with Tools (VIBE and R20E)
  • Vibrance Entry (VIBENT and R20ENT)
  • R200, R300, R500, R600, R700 and R800 uprights.

For Vibrance R20S, R20D, R20P and R20UP models with the self-sealing bag technology, see RMH-6 HEPA Media Bags.