Riccar 30 Series Pet - R30PET


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The R30PET is the perfect companion for pet owners. Besides the cleaning power of Tandem Air technology, It includes the self-cleaning Fur Get It tool, which connects to the hose or wand to pull pet hair from fabrics and carpet. We've also included a one-pound canister of dry carpet cleaner.

With granulated charcoal and HEPA media filters, the Pet model traps dander, pollen and dust particles, plus keeps pet odors trapped. The R30PET also features durability of metal components in high-wear areas like the nozzle release pedal, the brushroll, base plate and handle tube. The extra-long stretch hose, telescopic wand and on-board tools add up to a 17-foot cleaning reach. The 30 Series Pet vacuum helps you clean up more, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pet.


  • Gold Seal of Approval - Carpet and Rug Institute tested for soil removal, soil containment and carpet wear.
  •  On-Board Tools - Tools are stored on-board for easy access.
  •  Red Carpet Service Plan - Offered at participating retail stores, this scheduled maintenance keeps the vacuum running at its best.
  •  Six-Position Carpet Height Adjustment - From extra-low to extra-high, select a setting for your specific pile height.
  •  Tandem Air Technology - Two motors work in tandem for the ultimate combination in floor cleaning and tool suction.
  •  Metal Brushroll with Replaceable Brushstrips - A strong metal roller is designed to perform well and to last for many years. As you'd expect, brushstrips are replaceable and are customizable to your home's floors.
  •  Self-Sealing HEPA Media Bag - Meets HEPA filtration standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Self-sealing bags are simple to attach and remove for clean disposal.
  •  Bonus Tools - Extra accessories help you clean more with the same vacuum.
  •  17-Foot Cleaning Reach - A longer hose with balanced design stretches further without tipping the vacuum.
  •  Surface Selector - With the flip of a switch, transition from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning.
  •  HEPA Media Filter - Keeps particles trapped in the filter instead of blowing them back into the room.
  •  Granulated Charcoal Filter - Your best defense against pet odors.

Product Specs

  • Power: 12 Amps
  • Belt: Lifetime Serpentine with Hall Sensor Protection
  • Cord Length: 40 Feet
  • Warranty: 7 Years
  • Brushstrips: 2 Rows, Replaceable
  • Full Bag Indicator: On Nozzle
  • On/off Switch: On Handle
  • Color: Metallic Navy
  • Floor Selector: On Handle
  • VIP Service: 2 Visits
  • Headlight: Yes
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Tools: Ready Reach On-board Tools and Fur-Get-It Fur Remover Tool
  • Brushroll: Chrome Steel
  • Wheels: Rubber Molded
  • Filtration: HEPA Media and Granulated Charcoal
  • Bonus: Dry Carpet Cleaner with Brush
  • Handle Tube: Aluminum with Deluxe Touch Grip
  • Bottom Plate: Chrome Plated Steel